Sunday, May 8, 2011

Christians and Gay Marriage

Gadson Review Readers,

Here is another guest post from Margaret Mou, who posted "A Plea For Religious Tolerance in the Bible Belt" a couple of months ago. The post should be--as the first post was--well worth the read!

Sitting at the table over a bowl of salad and wine, Marcus probes my opinions on religion and politics: two subject areas that out of courtesy and politeness, people usually don’t broach. However, Marcus challenges my perspective, which resulted in solidarity of some aspects, reevaluation of others, and definitely a stronger friendship. So, another thank-you to Marcus.

Food for thought for today: gay marriage (with a Marcus & Margaret twist).

Many argue that marriage is fundamentally a religious institution. Marcus brought up an interesting idea that some advocate: give everyone gay or straight civil unions and let churches define marriage however they wish. Those who support this idea think that civil unions would be a solution to the debate since everyone would be treated equally under the law while churches would still have the freedom to choose which marriages to recognize. Of course, some churches would choose not to allow gays to marry meaning that they would not be able to recieve a fundamental religious rite.

So I retorted with the question, “Should gay Christians have the right to get married?” An assumption implicit in my question is that being gay is often innate and not a chosen way of life (seeing as the Bible has spoken in favor of heterosexuals), as well as the presence in some sort of faith in a traditional Christian church.

I feel like every person should have the right to choose who they want to be with, and that churches should refrain from judgment. Hasn’t religion taught us to be better people, to accept all kinds of backgrounds? And thus, shouldn’t gay Christians also be allowed to have the blessing of the community as well as the rest of the heterosexual Christians?

There’s also the point of the fact that it’s the church’s opinion of whether or not to acknowledge the marriage of individuals, but if I were in charge of the decisions of a church, I’d gladly welcome anyone who chooses to marry under my smiles and love.

And my inner sappiness comes out, wishing each and every individual the ability to find a healthy love and be loved in return, and to celebrate that magic without any hindrances, without any obstacles, and without any scorn from others.

-by Margaret Mou

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