Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Woods Revisited

Should we hold Tiger Woods to a higher standard because he’s a celebrity and has so much money? That is a question lots of people are asking as the media continues to focus on Woods’ infidelity.

Part of me wants to agree that Woods should be held to a higher standard, and that he should not get to simultaneously make millions of dollars a year in endorsements and claim privacy. In fact, since he gets fame and fortune all for playing a game, this whole saga almost seems fair. I would love to make 1/100 of what he makes a year, and that feeling is even more acute in this tough economy. It’s as if there’s some perverse excitement in seeing someone so wealthy and successful deal with some hardship for once.

But I also think that’s wrong. Even with his current problems, most of us would love to be Tiger Woods. But that shouldn’t prevent us from trying to put ourselves in his shoes (which most us could undoubtedly not afford). He’s going through a very trying time trying to keep his family together, and all of us should wish him well in that endeavor.

He shouldn’t have cheated of course, but before we throw the book after him, let’s remember that cheating is an all-too-common occurrence in society, and not just among celebrities. Tiger isn’t any worse than us. He’s the same as us. He just happens to make more money and get more attention. Let’s forgive him and move on to more important things.

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