Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leave Tiger Woods Alone

As anyone who’s been paying attention to the news knows, Tiger Woods had a crash outside his home. The police want to talk to him. Maybe he was having an affair. Maybe he wasn’t. My reaction: I couldn’t care less.

Is there really nothing else for the media to cover right now? Like maybe the healthcare debate, the economic crisis, the fracas over climate change, or Obama’s actions in Afghanistan. I can’t believe people are so interested in what happens in Woods’ life. Are their lives really so boring that they would rather focus on who Woods sleeps with than on what’s going on in their own lives? Don’t they have kids to take care of, homework to do, or jobs to find?

And I can’t believe the Florida highway patrol is wasting precious time and resources on this. They should be tracking down murderers and rapists. This whole episode frustrates me to no end. Those of you reading for the latest tabloid scraps about Woods, stop. Go do something productive.

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