Monday, November 2, 2009

Obama's Basketball Game

Obama is in hot water for something other than healthcare. And he is in trouble with someone other than conservatives for once. Some feminists are upset that a recent White House basketball game included no women.

I can see their argument. The logic goes that a lot of times, patriarchy is not entrenched by mean spirited men who wake up every day thinking about how they can keep women down. Rather, they unconsciously entrench male privilege by excluding women from social outlets like golf games where males can gain more face time and exposure with the boss.

But I can’t help seeing Obama’s point of view too. It’s unlikely that he is going to use these basketball games to choose who the next Secretary of the Treasury is. He probably just wants to play a game once in a while to relax with people he knows play at his level, which is high for a forty-eight year old. Should he have a pollster pre-approve every last recreational activity he does? Is that a fair burden, even for someone as admittedly political as the President? Should he have gender quotas for every activity he does?

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