Monday, October 26, 2009

Why Are Democrats Losing in Virginia?

Democratic nominee Creigh Deeds is (probably) set to lose his race for Governor of Virginia come November. So now is a good time to ask if he could have done anything different.

Already, some national Democrats are blaming Deeds. They say that he made mistakes in strategy, such as not using Obama enough, and failing to reach the constituencies that put Obama over the top in the state last year, i.e., young voters and blacks.

It’s understandable why Deeds felt a need to distance himself from Obama. At the very least, Obama is divisive in the state. His stimulus package and healthcare reform proposals are not popular in certain parts. In order to reach some wavering moderates who decide Virginia elections, being perceived as the President’s poodle might not have been the best thing.

As for turning out the Democratic base, I can’t personally attest to whether Deeds is doing a good or a bad job. Those of you Gadson Review readers living in Virginia, what do you think?

Moreover, I think that any Democratic nominee would have had a difficult time in this election. Surely, people are getting restless after eight years of Democratic rule in Richmond’s Governor’s mansion, and want to make a change. Once there is a widespread longing for change, it’s tough to be a candidate from the incumbent party. Ask John McCain.

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