Monday, October 12, 2009

Should You Go to Law Scool?

It’s getting harder and harder to find an entry-level job in finance, as many college graduates will tell you. So there’s a stampede of college students applying to law school. Is it a good idea?

If you really want to into law, then yes. But then again, if you wanted to go to law, wouldn’t you be applying in the first place?

For people who didn’t want to go in the first place, I don’t think it makes sense. The economy’s doing poorly, so law school is a safe option that would provide for a good future, the logic goes. But remember, that corporate law jobs are disappearing in the recession as well. While the economy might recover in three years, and some of those jobs would then come back, who knows. Also, if the economy’s improving in three years, then regular jobs would be a possibility too.

If corporate law jobs aren’t around, then you’d have likely taken out $200,000 in loans, and wasted three years of your life for something you weren’t gung ho about. Talk about a terrible choice.

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