Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Case Against Legalizing Drugs

Yesterday, I began by providing arguments invoked in favor of legalizing drugs. Today I will do the same for drug legalization opponents. Here are arguments they typically make:

1. Drugs harm individuals

This is particularly true of so called “hard drugs” like heroine and PCP. Allowing these people to use these drugs will ruin their lives. Government has an obligation to protect such people from themselves

2. Drug use harms society

Drugs diminish a person’s capacity for judgment and self restraint. That means drug use will cause higher crime, more spousal abuse, and less economic productivity. How productive will employees be when they’re coked up half the time?

When drugs are legalized, drug use will go up. This is because drugs will be cheaper, more available, and possibly advertised. The government will have to spend more money rehabilitating all these new addicts.

3. Society has the right to declare certain behaviors illegal

If society wants to stop bestiality, porn, underage drinking, then it can. We accept that certain rights are derivative of a society’s morality. Drug legalization opponents argue that the right to do drugs is a derivative one.

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