Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

Today is the 8th anniversary of September 11. It’s difficult to believe that so many years have passed already. So much has happened: the war in Iraq, hurricane Katrina, the “Dean scream,” the election of our first black President.

I still remember where I was when we learned of the attack—in my eighth grade math class. I remember the little girls crying in the school assembly when they were told. I remember the long lines at the gas pump as people thought that somehow oil supplies would disrupted. I remember the kids going around at Halloween in firefighter costumes. And I remember the anthrax scares and the people buying duck tape for God knows what reason.

What I remember most of all is the national unity in the aftermath. American flags were to be seen everywhere. “God bless America” replaced many of the usual hymns at Sunday morning church services.

But now, all that’s gone. Even the national unity. For most of us, 9/11 is just a distant memory. Families of the victims will never forget. And neither should we. We still live in a world with terrorists who will stop at nothing to kill us. And we are blessed to live in an America whose ideals are worth defending.

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