Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Michael Vick Back in the NFL

Michael Vick is going to be a Philadelphia Eagle. His ambitions were given a boost when Tony Dungy backed his reentry to the league over a week ago.

Nonetheless, many remain fiercely opposed, particularly animal rights groups. Why should a vicious dog killer get to make millions of dollars, and be a role model for kids again?

Let’s do a cost benefits analysis to the Eagles. The downside is that the team would lose fans and viewers. But how many? Something tells me that many of the PETA activists who attend animal rights conventions aren’t the biggest football fans. Moreover, I’d think that a lot of Americans have either forgotten about the incident, or no longer care, especially given important issues like healthcare and the economy.

Assuming Vick is able to play at a high level, he could help a team. If the Eagles become more competitive in the league, and have a chance to win the Super Bowl, more people will come to games and watch on TV. So Vick could be a net benefit.

What about the morality of it all? Is it right for a man who killed dogs to play again? It seems to me that Vick paid his debt to society by going to prison for a significant stretch of time. America is a place of second chances. At some point, it’s fair to allow him to make a living again. If he makes that living in the NFL, so be it.

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