Saturday, August 22, 2009

Death Panel Nonsense

I saw an interesting article from Froma Harrop that was worth sharing.

So I wonder if Sarah Palin really thought her death panel talk through. Does she know how often that private insurers do this sort of thing? Does she even know that it happens in the first place?

What if her special needs child didn’t have a Governor for a mother? Some insurance company would do all it could to deny care. I’m sure treatment for such a baby would run hundreds of thousands of dollars. An insurance company wants the maximum amount of profit possible, so it has every incentive to cut down on the care it offers. Since most Americans get their health insurance through an employer, they have little or no recourse.

By contrast, a public option would be less likely to do such a thing. Government is subject to the votes of the people. If the government starts euthanizing grandmas left and right, people will quickly vote the public option out of existence, and the politicians who supported it out of office. That means bureaucrats and congressmen have every incentive to make sure no one is denied life-saving care.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that Palin is right and there will be death panels. Even then, you’re better off with a public option. Insurance costs will go down, and everyone will at least have some coverage. That means relieving a strain on small business and putting more money in the pockets of working families. If we stick with the status quo, we’ll still have death panels, we won’t cover everyone AND we’ll have exploding costs that will bankrupt us in the next decade.

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