Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama Losing His Mojo?

A potentially significant poll came out yesterday. A Quinnipiac poll found that Obama’s approval rating dipped to 49% in the battleground state of Ohio. The reason is most likely the economy. We’re still losing jobs at an astonishing clip. Ohio has been particularly hard-hit with job losses. This is all despite the stimulus package.

To be sure, this is just a brief snapshot. People are frustrated with the state of the economy. If the economy improves in the next few months, I expect the approval numbers to go back up. Moreover, there is no great desire to see the Republicans back in control of government. This should not be interpreted as a sign of Republican resurgence just yet.

But, this new poll could give Republicans in congress some cover to go after Obama’s policies. They can say that the American people are tiring of Obama’s administration already. When Obama tries to press for health care reform, Republicans who had felt the heat might now feel emboldened enough to stand against him.

In the next few days, I look forward to seeing whether this is a temporary trend, or one the Obama administration should be very worried about.

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